Garage Glam Grit With STARCRAWLER And Their Don’t Mess With Me Swipe ‘ROADKILL’

New striking strokes

12 May 2022

(photo by Tirn Up The Volume)

Who: Rowdy rock 5-piece from Los Angeles
led by eccentric frontwoman Arrow de Wilde
Active: Since 2015 / 2 albums so far

New single: ROADKILL

Dewilde: “‘Roadkill’ is about anyone that tries to dig their heels
in the ground and stand in your way. We’ve all had people try to tear
us down, and sometimes you just have to run right through them.”

Turn Up The Volume: This L.A. troupe interweave classic rock
and garage grit with glam gusto and razor-edged riffage. Eccentric
mutineer Arrow de Wilde erupts with asperity and fortitude.
Vicious swipe.

Don’t mess with these mavericks…

STARCRAWLER: Facebook – Spotify

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