Absolute Power To Party People With Electro-Duo THE DECKADENT MOVEMENT

Daily electricity to load your batteries

17 May 2022

Who: British electro/dance duo hailing from
Merseyside, but based in Berkshire.

This synth-duo caught my attention with their otherwordly remix of
Moonshine , an ambient trip with American space-dreamers Violet Nox.

Now, here they are with a new club mix of their banging beats booster ABSOLUTE POWER. Ever been in Ibiza freakin’ out on a beach to mind-and-body-boggling techno vibes? I did (well, several years ago). That’s the trance-causing spirit here.

This tandem movement invites you to fuel your appetite for having some chemical bros fun wherever you want. In your bedroom, in your bathroom, in your kitchen, in the street, any place where you have enough space to rotate yourself in a state of euphoria. Absolute power to party people. You betcha. Ready?

Shake your booty right here, right now…

Also streaming on Spotify


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