Canadian Dreamers VICTORY CHIMES With Wayward Pop Splendor On New Album ‘WHEN THE FOG ROLLS IN’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

9 June 2022

Who: Montreal synth psych/dark wave band
conducted by singer/songwriter Jeff Louch.


Jeff Louch about the making of: “When the Fog Rolls In began at a writing retreat at the Banff Centre of Arts. The songs written there were very much inspired by the vast mountain landscape and unique energy that exists there – being one of the oldest settlements in North America.

The writing retreat in Banff was cut short by the pandemic, but we continued to write and record in my studio. We found it convenient with all the openings, closures and quarantines to mail ideas and recordings back and forth between my studio and co-producer, Alex Formosa’s studio. It was a different way to write and record but created a unique sound of this record – you can hear some of that isolation and solitude in these tunes as well. Those pandemic themes are definitely in the album; there’s worry and paranoia but also humour and absurdity. There’s also the joy of having a child and getting to spend a lockdown with a beautiful new family.

Turn Up The Volume: Expect Canadian passion pop with, to my ears, British echoes.

One: maestro Louch‘s voice has that same alluring timbre of the late great Talk Talk‘s mastermind Mark Hollis. Two: it’s not only Hollis‘ vox but also his wayward and capricious songwriting mastery (New Mode / Conductor / A Place In The Sun) that’s at play here. Three: here and there that melodramatic aura of Elbow (Holiday / Unicorn Song / Tunnel Mountain) resonates.

Louch stories have a universal thematic content, about all things life. Pain and
joy, togetherness and loneliness, melancholia and moodiness. All gently wrapped
in orchestral arrangments. You’ll need a couple of spins to really get into the
record’s psyche, but it’s a riveting exploration, all the way.

Singles/clips: New Mode / Holiday / Conductor



Stream/buy the album here…

VICTORY CHIMES: Facebook – Instagram

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