For Your Eyes… Totally Eccentric Botox Video For RAMMSTEIN Single ‘ZICK ZACK’

Video clips that impress your eyes

Bombastic German metal rockers


Album: ZEIT
Released: 29 April 2002

“The video depicts the band members performing to a small audience of elderly fans dressed
in stereotypical ’80s hair band clothes, performing the song, complete with bandaged showgirls, who act as the band’s beauticians backstage. All the band members appear in character as having undergone various cosmetic surgeries, or using prosthetics to exaggerate their appearance. Frontman Till Lindemann’s character appears heavily botoxed, and throughout
the video, his face begins to sag as he performs the song, forcing himself to leave the stage. Lindemann goes to extreme measures and attempts to literally piece his botox-filled face back together using a stapler and tape.”

RAMMSTEIN: Instagram – Facebook

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