Caring Irish Darkwave Musician pMAD Releases ‘HORROR’ Single For Environmental Charity

Daily electricity to load your batteries

13 June 2022

Artist: pMAD
Who: Caring darkwave
musician from Ireland.

New single: HORROR
“This is pMad’s s take on the world and the future in front of us.
Like the future of the planet ‘Horror’ is dark & brooding with
the hint of possible hope!”

Turn Up The Volume: On hearing this nightmarish reflection for the first time this
thought popped up in my mind: if Pink Floyd would be an obscure Goth act today, their 1973 masterpiece would be titled the Dark Side Of Earth.

An alarming record about humankind destroying our warmed-up planet. Many of us are aware of the ongoing destruction and react, but too many ignore the problems and too many just don’t care about the lives of future generations.

pMAD’s message is loud and clear and scary. This horror needs to stop. NOW!

Buy the track here on Bandcamp and
support a environmental charity organisation.

pMAD: Facebook- Instagram

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