Horsepower Rock Force THE NORTHWEST Score Big Time With New 6-Track EP ‘ALL IN’

15 June 2022

Who: Heartland Rock with a little Canadiana
and tons of riffs. Formed in 2013.

Releases: Debut EP (2013) and
Songs From 2015-2017 EP (2018)

Produced by Dustin Goodall and Bill Priddle

Wayne (guitar/vocals) “A lot of time spent on this one. Mike and I really used this downtime from the pandemic to send voice memo demos back and forth. I would write everyday while I was “working from home”. We spent a solid year just focused on these batch of songs. This was also the first time handing the keys over to a team to help with production. It had its ups and downs was really a learning experience as well. It took thought to get the song ideas to come together it took a team to make the EP sound how we wanted it to be.”

Turn Up The Volume says: As I said before these captivating Canadians have the spry drive and harmonious spirit of Americana zealots Band Of Horses (Shoreline / Lights/ Stay Gold), but they also create that agitated turbulence of former Hüsker Dü hero Bob Mould on Long Hair (Longer Nights) and Walls.

When you develop this kind of buzz and fuzz with big time tunes like these six corkers
are The Northwest deserves your attention, on repeat. All in all a dumbfound extended
play about all things human. Fear, doubt and hope.

Buy/stream EP here…

THE NORTHWEST: Facebook – Spotify

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