Waking Up With… New ATTAWALPA Single

Waking up vibes

9 July 2022

Photo credit: Dillon Buss

Turn Up The Volume featured modern-day crooner ATTAWALPA, a.k.a British Peruvian musical maven Luis Felber several times before. Like with his previous single Too Much,
a Jekyll and Hyde disco-pop vibe with schizo guitars.

As it’s Saturday today I needed a tune that wakes me up slowly but surely.
Attawalpa‘s new loose-fitting piece IGNORE THE POLLUTION is a fitting one.

A reflective and soothing musing about “the desire of switching off from a
loud world, ignoring the constant stream of information one is subjected to.”

Starting dreamy and smooth the song grows towards an
orchestral peak midway before returning to a lazy day in
the sun in the end. Perfect wake-up call.

Relax and enjoy

Ps: Attawalpa was one of the support acts at The Rolling Stones concert
in Hyde Park, London on 25th June. Not many artists can say that.

ATTAWALPA: Facebook – Instagram

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