Singer-Songwriter ATTAWALPA Shares New Prince-ly Soul Vibe ‘TOO MUCH’

New striking scores

2 June 2022

(Photo credit: Jenna Jones)


Who: A South American singer-songwriter,
born Luis Felber and living in London.

New single: TOO MUCH

Felber: “Lyrically ‘Too Much’ is about meeting ‘the one’, but you’re not quite evolved yet. Generally speaking men always take longer at everything emotional. I feel I am part of a disillusioned generation who knows true love is possible if it doesn’t get lost in translation.”

Score: This is a twofold song moving from hip-shaking disco beats with a prince-ly soul
vibe to an electric-charged finale with a schizo guitar impetus. This is a Jekyll and Hyde
pop song with sensuous vocals. Love it! So will you.

The accompanying video, directed by regular collaborator Emma Chitty
and starring celebrated actor and dancer Will Kemp

Let’s go crazy…

ATTAWALPA: Facebook – Instagram

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