BRIAN ENO Canned A New Album – Hear First Single ‘THERE WERE BELLS’ Here

New striking strokes

28 July 2022

Musician-songwriter-producer (and once upon a time the alien lookalike who played
keys with Roxy Music) has a new album out in October. His first since 2017 LP Reflection.
It’s baptized FOREVERANDEVERMORE. Pre-order info here.

It’s the first longplayer in years that he sings on.

The first single THERE WERE BELLS is a familiar-sounding ambient
piece with Eno’s vocals making it resonate like a religious chant.

He wrote it after a performance with his brother in Greece last year.

Eno: “I thought, here we are at the birthplace of Western civilization, probably witnessing
the end of it. Like everybody else — except, apparently, most of the governments of the world. I’ve been thinking about our narrowing, precarious future, and this music grew out of those thoughts. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say I’ve been feeling about it… The music grew out of the feelings. Those of us who share those feelings are aware that the world is changing at a super-rapid rate, and that large parts of it are disappearing forever, hence the album title.”

Listen here…

ENO: Bio – Discography

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