JODIE LANGFORD Scores Hattrick With Groovy Third Single ‘HOW IT IS’

New striking strokes

3 August 2022

Who: A swirling wordsmith from
the Hull / East Yorkshire area.

New single: HOW IT IS feat. Marx

Jodie: “How It Is, the recurring tale of getting messy with your mates to escape from the standard 9 to 5 working life. This track celebrates the poor life choices made after deciding to go for a drink with your friends/colleagues and the chaos and amusement experienced along the way. It actually came off the back of a spoken word piece I was recording, Baddie heard a catchy phrase that he turned into a chorus and encouraged me to write around that theme. and How It Is was born. “

Turn Up The Volume: It’s only Langford‘s third single after the flood-rap
lockdown-reflection on her debut I Miss It, followed by punky steamroller
TV Or Not TV.

The new one is a mid-tempo clap-along groover with an instantaneous swaying
impact on your hips. Could be the ideal remedy when trying to get out of bed after
a 48-hour weekend revelry and shake your hangover off. Sheeny synths, hip-hopper
Marx‘s jaunty contribution, and the zestful chorus, it all comes together seamlessly.

A hattrick! Let’s drink to that.

Stream/buy the track here…

Also streaming on Spotify.


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