THE KILLERS – The Big Tunesmiths Back With Another Big Tune Called ‘BOY’

New striking strokes

5 August 2022

Big tunesmiths THE KILLERS nail it for the
umpteenth time, now with a big BOY tune.

Brando Flowers (frontman) about the new song: “I had recently moved back to Utah
and started to make trips to Nephi, where I grew up. I found that the place I had wanted to get away from so desperately at 16 was now a place that I couldn’t stop returning to. I have a son approaching the age I was at that time in my life. With ‘boy’, I want to reach out and tell myself – and my sons – to not overthink it. And to look for the “white arrows” in their lives. For me now, white arrows are my wife, children, my songs and the stage.”

Head down
Wrong fit
Big deal
That’s just growing up
Don’t overthink it, boy
White arrows will break the black night
But don’t overthink it, boy

And when you’re out on the ledge
Please come down, boy
There is a place that exists
Just give it some time
Drawn arrows unseen will fly

Tune in…

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