The Sound Of JOY DIVISION Orchestrated

6 August 2022


PETER HOOK (former bassist of legendary post-punk band Joy Division)
in collaboration with symphonic orchestra Manchester Orchestra played
a surprising show at the historic Royal Albert Hall in London billed as
The Sound Of Joy Division Orchestrated.

The spectacle returns now for two concerts,
one in Manchester and one in London again.

“With its first edition at the Royal Albert Hall, The Sound Of Joy Division Orchestrated accommodated the need to reminisce about the dark romanticism of the band’s
music and the intensity of their live shows. The event celebrated the 40th anniversary
of Joy Division’s debut album Unknown Pleasures. “

(Peter Hook – pic by Turn Up The Volume)

Peter Hook: “It takes Joy Division’s music to a whole different place,
emotionally and aurally. It is difficult to transcribe but I love the challenge,
and it brings a freshness to the whole concept.”

Trailer/interview for the 2021 orchestrated edition in London.

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