Waking Up With… STUDIES IN PARALYSIS (What?)

Works faster than caffeine

29 August 2022

Last year Welsh champions MANIC STREET PREACHERS celebrated
the 20th birthday of their 6th album KNOW YOUR ENEMY.

In two weeks – on 9 September – a remastered and extended deluxe edition
of the longplayer will make their masses against the classes fans, like me (I lost
track of the number of times I saw them play live), happy.

Two separate albums as originally planned, Solidarity and Door To The River
packaged as a 3 CD bookset, double CD, and double album.

Pre-order info here.

To get us in the manic mood you can listen to a previously unreleased song
from the Know Your Enemy sessions. STUDIES IN PARALYSIS is a heavy and
riff-motorized, sinewy rocker. Just what I needed to get awake.

Manics 4ever!

Stream the original LP version here

MANICS: Facebook – Instagram – All Albums

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