RÖYSKOPP & Disco Diva ALISON GOLDFRAPP Dance Their Way Into Space At Night

Norwegian electronic dance tandem RÖYSKOPP are probaly the most
productive musicians of 2022. They already released two albums this year.
Profound Mysteries I (April) and Profound Mysteries II (August).

No two without three. So the pair decided to complete the trilogy
with Profound Mysteries III, out this November. Again they invited
guest artists for every track.

This time one of them is disco diva ALISON GOLDFRAPP
who injects the new dance-tastic track THE NIGHT starry-eyed
touch. It’s a house/techno odyssey for night owls.

The Norwegians call it “an orbitofrontal chorus“. A what?

Whatever, join
them is space…

RÖSKOPP: Spotify

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