Watch Brand New Bitch ℭ𝔒𝔅ℜ𝔄ℌ Move Like A Vicious Snake

18 September 2022

Artwork single

Artist: ℭ𝔒𝔅ℜ𝔄ℌ
Who: Swedish electro r & b popster mastering gay workout music.
She hit the scene last year with her self-titled 5-track EP that skyrocket
her immediately into stardom

New single/video: BRAND NEW BITCH

ℭ𝔒𝔅ℜ𝔄ℌ: “I’m a lot more self-assured, and I want people to feel that
confidence for themselves when they listen to it. I want them to feel like
they can do whatever they want, dress however they want, indulge in
whatever they like.”

These past few years several female r & b/rap/electro artists made
it big-time with big-time music and big-time videos. Hail hail ladies!

Brand new Swedish bitch Cobrah is another star on the firmament.
She’s a natural-born performer in sound and vision.

She moves like a vicious cobra here.
Roll the tape and get puzzled…

ℭ𝔒𝔅ℜ𝔄ℌ: Instagram

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