Mixed Emotions Rock With Eponymous Debut Album By Tight Canadian Trio ON

22 September 2022

Band: ON
Who: An punk-rock-experienced Toronto trio

FFO: Weezer, The Pixies. Bikini Kill, Queens of the Stone Age,
Veruca Salt, Deftones, L7, Royal Blood, Refused, Acid Tes

(photo by Lindi Gordon)

New album: ON
Out: 20 September 2022 via Indiestructable Records

Lucy Di Santo (frontwoman): “This record deals with where we are today and what we’ve overcome, persevering as a society and as individuals. I found myself as part of a genuinely authentic creative, human experience with Steve and Dan in various geographical locations including NYC, Florida and Toronto and felt the need to document it melodically. It’s about pain, hope, reframing and overcoming. It’s about survival. The songs are an authentic and complete collaboration of the triad and soul connection that is ON”

TUTV‘s impressions: As long as afire bands as ON keep on rockin’ in the free world
rawk ‘n’ roll will be around forever. The tight trio prove it with punchy brio, passionate panache and a varied sonic approach fitting different moods.

They turn up the heat and the decibels like Courtney Love and Hole did once upon a time (Break You / Underdog / Take A Shot / Break You / Soul Killer), they groove and move in slow-mo on Gator, Hereafter, Fla and Blackmail (at first I thought it was Garbage‘s amazing Amazon Shirley Manson), with the tender Try it’s reflection time and slow-burning torch Amends (my fav track) is a tour de force jam – with a burning Led Zep blues reverberation – that explodes when ON uses all of their cylinders. A fantastic closer of a notable debut.

Singles/clips: Underdog / Blackmail



Stream/buy full album
here via Bandcamp.

ON: Facebook – Bandcamp

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