Post-Summer Musing For Vulnerable Souls – CMON CMON With New Single ‘SAY WHAT IT MEANS’

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22 September 2022

Who: Indie rock trio from Belgium, signed by renowned manager
Stephen Budd (Gang Of Four, Heaven 17, The Magic Numbers)

It will feature on their debut EP, planned for
release on 14th October.

Jorrit Hermans (vocals, guitar) explains: “This song was fueled by my experiences with dishonest people who disguise their true intentions. I developed the lyrics to support people when they’re at their most vulnerable and delicate state of mind. Yet, this can be very powerful as well. So here’s a plea to look at strength and vulnerability as two sides of the same thing.
We hope it can help people to speak up and speak out to actually say what they mean. It’s everyone’s right to do so Just say what it means. Not what it seems.”

TUTV: The jangly guitars and the glossy resonance of R.E.M. and Teenage Fanclub are obvious, but my ears also detect the slacker rock mood of Dinosaur Jr. It’s an ideal post-summer musing for grey Autumn days for confused and vulnerable souls. Melancholic music can have a healing force. Cmon Cmon know how to create that salubrious feeling.

The accompanying vide clip shows a group of teenagers chasing another teenage girl. She’s being hunted and bullied and has to escape the glances, preoccupations and judgements of others. This creates a strong tension because a very grown-up theme is played by a group of kids who should be representing honesty and authenticity. These kids start to yell brutally and run towards the protagonist. They chase her down in a scary event that ends in darkness on a deserted country road. The story shows how we sometimes deal with other cultures, ideas, feelings and opinions. Who can escape the herd? How can we find the strength and the confidence to act our spirits? This is what we wish for everyone. Especially kids growing up with social media, unintentional attention and everything that can go wrong with being misunderstood. Just say what it means. Not what it seems.


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