A Celebration Of BIG STAR’s ‘#1 RECORD’ Released 50 Years Ago

27 September 2022

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of BIG STAR‘s debut LP #1 RECORD, members of
(bassist Mike Mills), The DB’S (frontman Chris Stamey), The Posies (drummer
Jon Auer) and Wilco (guitarist/keyboardist Pat Sansone) along with Big Star‘s original drummer Jody Stephens will play the album in full (plus other Big Star gems) on
a short tour.

Big Star was fronted by the late great Alex Chilton,
who passed away in 2010, only 59.

AllMusic about that debut LP: “The problem with coming in late on an artwork lauded
as ‘influential’ is that you’ve probably encountered the work it influenced first, so its truly innovative qualities are lost. Thus, if you are hearing Big Star’s debut album for the first time decades after its release (as, inevitably, most people must), you may be reminded of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers or R.E.M., who came after — that is, if you don’t think of The Byrds and The Beatles circa 1965. What was remarkable about #1 Record in 1972 was that nobody except Big Star (and maybe Badfinger and The Raspberries) wanted to sound like this — simple, light pop with sweet harmonies and jangly guitars.”
Score: 5/5..

Stream #1 Record here…

BIG STAR: Bio – Discography

(Image Alex Chilton: cover of his ‘No Sex’ album, 1986)

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