Brit Rockers STEPFORD WIVES With Their New Riff-Roaring Badass Single ‘SO PARANOID’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

27 September 2022

Who: A no-frills, four-piece alternative/post-punk garage outfit
from Saddleworth, England. They don’t do guitar solos, fancy clothes
or ephemeral bull. They constantly strive to create thought-provoking,
passionate, at times subversive lyrics and melody played with an
aggressive sense of purpose.

New single: SO PARANOID

Turn Up The Volume: No whistles and bells for these wives who look
like husbands. Making you go berserk with bad-ass brawny garage commotion
is what they’re about. Their riff-roaring swagger spurs with buzzing bluster like
a modern-day punked-up reincarnation of 60s jangle junks The Sonics. They
claim not to play guitar solos, except here I guess. I’m pretty sure they invited
Jimmy Page for a dirty blues solo to close this wallop.

Go paranoid below…

STEPFORD WIVES: Instagram – Facebook

The band before their sex reassignment surgery

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