Dark-Goth-Wave Explorer PIG Shares Video Clip For Killer Piece ‘SPEAK OF SIN’

7 October 2022

A couple of weeks ago industrial dark-Goth-wave explorer Raymond Watts
aka PIG released his new kick-ass longplayer THE MERCILESS LIGHT.

Turn Up The Volume said: “Prepare your ears for brawny industrial bombast,
nightmares in slow-motion, wham-bam-glam drones and the fantastic slow-burning
gospel chant of the title track. It’s all there to have yourself a merciless head-banging
pig trip. File next to Rammstein’s new opus Zeit.”

To keep us pigged we now can watch in awe to the new
rapid-eye-movement video clip for K.O. killer SPEAK OF SIN.

Roll the tape

here via Bandcamp

PIG: Facebook – Instagram – Spotify

Photography by E Gabriel Edvy

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