GILLA BAND Have Their Own Metal Music Machine Album ‘MOST NORMAL’ Out

Standout longplayers

19 August 2022

Who: Raw Irish post-punk projectile

New album: MOST NORMAL
Released: 7 October 2022

3rd LP following debut Holding Hands With Jamie (2015)
and 2019 follow-up The Talkies.

(Ghent Belgium – 2014)

(Ghent Belgium – 2022)

Turn Up The Volume: My ears fell in love with these Irish noise-challenging mavericks when I first saw them explode in my hometown of Ghent, Belgium back in 2014 (a year before their debut LP) when they were support act to the mindblowing Fat White Family in front of a handful of spectators.

Three LPs and several excorsistic live seances later you can call me a fanatic fan.

With their new bulldozing full-length Most Normal I experience another horror-ific combination of watching a surreal David Lynch movie soundtrack while I’m tied up on
an electric chair. It all starts with paranoid shocker The Gum followed by two cast iron sucker punches (Eight Fivers/ Backwash). So far so Gilla normal.

But here and there they throw some obscure what-the-fuck-is-going-on soundbites
in the mix (Gushie / Capgras / Red Polo Neck / Pratfall) that can wake up the death on Halloween and the way Dara Kiely howls I’m sure his demons want to get rid of him,
instead of the other way around. Panic time.

Before you run away screaming their magnetic sonic power holds you back
with some vintage GB thrashers (I Wash Away / Almost Soon / Post Ryan).

In 1975 late genius Lou Reed released his sickly deranged anti-record label
LP Metal Music Machine. Gilla Band have their own metal music machine
album now, bur it’s one you can listen to without the risk of brain damage.

Singles/clips: Eight Fivers – Backwash – Post Ryan




Buy/stream full album here…

GILLA BAND: Facebook – Instagram

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