New Graphic Novel Adapting 1976 Sci-Fi Movie ‘THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH’ Featuring DAVID BOWIE Is Out

25 October 2022

An all-new, fully-authorized graphic novel adaptation of the 1976 sci-fi 1976 movie
THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH starring DAVID BOWIE The book includes a gallery
of never-before-seen photos used to illustrate an exclusive feature on the making
of the movie.

Bowie plays the character of extra-terrestrial Walter Trevis,
in search of water to save his dying home planet.

The graphic novel also features exclusive bonus material including a 10-page article
on the production of the original film illustrated with dozens of rarely seen on-set photographs. As well as cover concepts, character designs, a ‘script to art’ section chronicling the development of the artwork, and a reproduction of the original
movie poster.

Order info here.

The original movie TRAILER

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