Goth Rock Tornado THE BELLWETHER SYNDICATE With Cannonball Haymaker ‘DYSTOPIAN MIRROR’

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25 October 2022

(Photo: Clovis IV)


Who: Alt-rock team from Chicago that revolves around two US underground music legends William Faith (of seminal goth acts Christian death, Mephisto Waltz and Shadowy Project) and Sarah Rose Faith a.k.a. Scary Lady Sarah, who has been one of the scene’s most eminent DJs and club promoters for decades.

Part of their upcoming album Vestige & Vigil out
in first half of 2023 Sett Records and Nexillis Records.

William Faith: “Dystopian Mirror was written about a dear friend of ours, who lost his mind, and eventually his life, to drugs and alcohol. I found that I was still grappling with the sense of loss and lingering anger about the whole thing years after the fact and, ultimately, all those feelings and emotions ended up coming out here, in this song. The lyric is meant to be coming from the voices inside his own head, during his descent into the realm of the unwell.”

Turn Up The Volume: What the fuck! This cannonball haymaker attacked my speakers from the get-go with a hair-raising speed, riff-racing insanity and badass drum/bass force. What the fuck! William Faith‘s edged Goth-infused vocals rumble all over this super-duper sucker-punch steamroller. Three and a half minutes of fuzz and buzz fanaticism will knock you out in the end. Nasty score. What the fuck!

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