Experimental Indie Prog Rockers BLACK MIDI Made Flabbergasting Impression In Antwerp, Belgium

Where: Trix Venue, Antwerp, Belgium
When: 1 November 2022

Where: Trix Venue, Antwerp, Belgium
When: 1 November 2022

If you went to this gig without ever hearing this electrical juvenile London quartet called black midi I guess your unsuspecting ears would have been impressed as never before. These adventurous youngsters sound like an experimental post-punk turbine producing ferocious Black Sabbath drones resonating actually like bombastic prog-rock firework with ever-changing, manic Frank Zappa-esque twists and turns. Yep, demonic and hypnotic 21st Century disturbance with the crushing impact of a deranged steamroller.

Single from their newest album Hellfire

Their repetitive build up/break down noise pattern goes sometimes faster than your aural reception and messed-up mind can actually handle. And at times the four members – two guitarists, a bassist and an octopus drummer – seem to play each a different song as if this was a free jazz-rock gathering while main vocalist Geordie Greep‘s haunting Scott Walker like vocals tried to give the uninterrupted cacophonous havoc a voice now and then. Flabbergasting spectacle!


Main vocalist Geordie Greep with creepy voice

Clap your hands

Full house

New album HELLFIRE


1. Welcome to Hell
2. Dangerous Liaisons
3. Faster Amaranta
4. Still
5. Eat Men Eat
6. Askance
7. 953
8. Chondromalacia Patella
9. John L
10. Speedway
11. Magician
12. The Defence
13. Slow

BLACK MIDI: Facebook – Instagram

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