Bloodthirsty Vampires VOGUE VILLAINS Woke Up On The ‘WRONG SIDE OF MIDNIGHT’

New striking strokes

15 November 2022

Who: A hard-rocking alternative band from Vancouver Island, Canada with a musical foundation planted firmly in catchy melodies and multipart harmonies. Set on making music that feels unique, yet unafraid to wear the boys many influences on their sleeves, this powerhouse of a band has created a sound that is undeniably and unmistakably VV.


About: “On the surface “Wrong Side of Midnight” is a song from the perspective of a vampire that cares more about how they look than they do about drinking the blood of the innocent, but underneath the dirty rock exterior and massive energy is an anthem about knowing exactly who you are and feeling more than comfortable in whatever supernatural skin you’re in, a song about busting through the constraints of who you’re told to be, all while flipping off anyone who has something to say about it.”

TUTV: Hells bells! This nasty motherrocker of a hammer blow speeds up your adrenalin machine from the kick-off. VV mix blues rock, classic rock and hard rock seamlessly into a red-hot-blooded wall-of-riff-sick sound. A boiling mishmash of intimidating guitars, a powerhouse rhythm section, a Herculean chorus, boogie-woogie flashes and vociferous vocals is what your stereo speakers will spit out. Just what you need to bang your head against a wall. Hells bell, indeed.

Here come the bloodthirsty villains…

VV: Instagram – Facebook

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