London’s Post-Punk Whirlwind CROWS Blew The Roof Off At SONIC CITY In Belgium

15 November 2022

Who: Earthquake-causing post-punks out of London

Works: 2 full albums so far. Silver Tongues (2019)
and the brand new killer one Beware Believers
(on my end-of-the-year list).

Concert: Sonic City Fest (indoors)
in Kortrijk, Belgium
When: 12 November 2022

Keywords: Blitzkrieg post-punk fury – screeching guitars – battering drum/bass turbo – charismatic and hyperkinetic frontman – no fillers, all killers – an illegal amount of decibels – hype Dry Cleaning did the talking, Crows did the screaming – two words: AWESOME GIG!

Highlights: Slowly Separate / The Itch / Garden Of England

(One of my top-3 singles of 2022)


(Set favorite)

(Knockout drone)

Frontman James Cox going Beavis bonkers
at times, just like this …


1.Silver Tongues
2. Garden of England
3. Slowly Separate
4. Only Time
5. The Itch
6. Healing
7. Closer Still
8. Room 156
9. Wild Eyed & Loathsome
10. Pray
11. Chain of Being

Stream/buy the new album Beware Believers here…


CROWS: Facebook – Spotify

Pictures by Turn Up The Volume

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