CASUAL DRAG – Scottish Riff-Roaring Trio With New Killer Groove ‘SOMETHING GOOD’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

9 December 2022

Band: Casual Drag
Who: Firm indie guitar rock trio from Scotland.
So far they released (only) 4 singles (new one included).


TUTV: It’s been two years since these Scottish hound dogs
made my speakers tremble with their furious Johnny single.

But on their steamy comeback stomper they still have the same barnstorming
groove and move drive. Something Good is a nasty rip-roaring-riff jackhammer,
annex agitated vocals, rotating in your head in an ear-blink. Think NYC’s darlings
Interpol playing aThe Fall ripper. Something good? Way better, something fucktastic
great! A killer cut.

Welcome back, motherockers.

Start it up,
play it loud.

Also st(r)eaming on SPOTIFY

Casual Drag: Facebook

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