Across The Universe With Psych Act MAGNA ZERO – Here’s New Single ‘WALKING TO NOWHERE’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

20 January 2023

Who: Lifelong friends and bandmates from Los Angeles who explore what it
means to be human through their music with a journey through a metaphorical
black hole with the band as they meld an unforgettable musical experience
into their colorful cauldron of Space Rock.


“It’s an extended voyage of heavy psych-rock into the death of
the ego and the paradox to find oneself by becoming nothing.”

The single’s impressive artwork

TUTV: Following previous single Endure, Magna Zero return into the cosmos again,
far away from our self-destructing world. En route, they play a flabbergasting prog-rock jam injected with psychedelic Krautrock echoes, puzzling dynamics, nerve-racking guitars and far-out primal screams. In the end it feels like they’re going to crash into the infinite unknown. Maybe they did.

The Police walked on the moon, The Beatles floated across the universe,
and Magna Zero catapulted themselves into a black hole called nowhere.
Scary thought.

Start the Odyssey here.

MAGNA ZERO: Facebook – Instagram – Spotify

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