Get High With FEATURETTE On A ‘COCAINE’ Love Rush

Daily electricity to load your batteries

8 February 2023

Who: Synth-pop duo from Toronto, Canada with
two albums so far, Crave and Dream Riot.

New single: COCAINE

Lexie Jay (vocalist): “This song was born from leaning into the chaos, when it comes to obsessive behaviour. It’s absolutely relentless and provides no relief. I’m painting love-obsession as if it were a drug, and it’s my drug of choice. ‘Cocaine’ is meant to capture that new, all consuming, check-your-phone-every-three-seconds kind of love, toxic and manic as it may be; full of butterflies and nausea.Obsession has been a topic I’ve been stuck on since the pandemic started. Too much time to think coupled with a racing mind has been a recipe for disaster, so I started writing some of my thoughts down and trying to capture what that might sound like. It’s a genre-bending little jackrabbit of a track, it scratches that itch in my brain that I’ve been dying to explore.”

TUTV: Cocaine is the perfect tantalizing tune for all possesed lovers among
us who are under the spell of idolization. This bouncy hip-pop earworm doubles
your adrenalin production and fastens your bloodstream. With its Fever Ray echoes,
its blistering beats and bass booms and Jay’s sensual vocality you can feed your
lovesick state of mind.

Right here.

FEATURETTE: Facebook – Instagram – Website

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