Best 2023 Valentine Serenade – Cyberpunk Duo 2LIBRAS With Shadowy Groove ‘HEART ON’

New striking strokes

13 February 2023

Artists: 2LIBRAS

Who: Seattle-based Cyberpunk duo – Wesley and Jewels Foster that creates dark, synthy beats infused with melodic guitars and vocal harmony since 2018. Their music infuses genres of industrial, dark electro, synthwave/synthpop and rock. Thematically, 2Libras focuses on lyrics that reflect the influence of technology, big data, and social media in our global society and how that affects interpersonal relationships while diminishing our collective outlook.

New single: HEART ON

“It’s the second single off of the upcoming debut album World’s End. Said to be this generation’s “I want to hold your hand“, the song innocently professes its feelings for you the only way it knows how. Growing up with the internet has left little to the imagination. How can you express yourself properly out in the real world when the words have never even left your lips? Might as well try and find out. You don’t have to be shy.”

TUTV: Best 2023 Valentine song I heard all week. Heart On is an arousing mid-tempo groover. Both spicy and funky, shadowy and seductive, lustful and provocative with hypnotizing vocals. Its slow-mo synth-bass beat crawls under your skin, and progresses steadily towards your restlessly pounding motor while your mind tries to figure out what
is going on. Amorous communication isn’t easy, let your heart do the talking. It’s made
for it.

I’ve got a heart on for you
I’ve got a heart on for you
And it’s beating
It’s beating
It’s beating
Inside you
And you can feel it
You can feel it
You can feel it
Deep inside you

Roll the tape.

2LIBRAS: Website – Instagram

(Photo on top via EPK on 2Libras’ website)

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