Electro Pop-Noir Artist TEROUZ Grooves With His Teasing ‘TIGER GIRL’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

13 February 2023

Artist: TEROUZ
Who: Hypno pop-noir artist
from Montreal, Canada

New single: TIGER GIRL

Terouz: “Tiger Girl is a testament to resilient women and the empowering effects they have on not just other women, but people altogether. The story is as much about growth through a deeper connection with someone as it is about the hardness of growing apart and finally letting go. It’s also about a deeper understanding of closeness. An introspective look at what it is to really know somebody, from the smell of their skin to the way their brain works. It wouldn’t have been as complete or as authentic as it is right now without my ex’s permission to sample her real personal vocal messages that we exchanged at the time. She has also been a major influence in the creation of this character.”

TUTV: Canadian pop noir artist Terouz isn’t a productive artist as such since the release of his debut single Outstanding in 2019, but the 4 pieces he shared so far (including this new one) are top compositions. As I said before his voice, tone, and timbre balance between Tindersticks frontman Stuart Staples‘ midnight hour voice and The National‘s maestro Matt Berninger’s melancholic candlelight musing.

Tiger Girl‘s love-drunk groove featuring the sensuous vocals of his ex-partner brought the sexy Je T’Aime Mois Non Plus sultriness to my mind but wrapped here in a funky swagger and dance-seducing pulsation.

“She loves to tease
She’ll fight you while
she’s being killed.”

She’s a femme fatale.

Also trippin’ on Spotify.

TEROUZ: Facebook

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