Word-Waterfall And Rap Poet KAE TEMPEST Has A Very ‘NICE IDEA’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

16 February 2023

Last year British word-waterfall artist/rapper/poet/writer and Mercury Prize
nominee KAE TEMPEST let us enjoy her new, 3rd album The Line Is A Curve.

And just now she announced the release of an
exclusive EP on Record Store Day, on 23 April.

Along with the news she shared the title track NICE IDEA.

Tempest: “This is a song about wanting to stay in bed all day with the person
you’re in love with,” Tempest says of the track. “Imagine you could just shut the
whole world out and enjoy each other. Nice idea.”

I, and many with me, like this nice idea.

KAE TEMPEST: Instagram

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