Waking Up With MAGGIE ROGERS And DAVID BYRNE Doing Some Synchronized Dance Steps

Works faster and harder than caffeine


Last year American songstress MAGGIE ROGERS celebrated
her comeback with her 3rd blockbuster full length Surrender.

Artwork of ‘Surrender’ album

Former talking héad chief DAVID BYRNE had a cameo
in the video for the LP’s single, That’s Where I Am.

Rogers told afterward that she got that
cameo by emailing Byrne out of the blue.

“I cold emailed him. We’d never met. I’m a massive fan. And ‘Strange Overtones’
was a song in the pandemic that I just deeply connected to and played over and
over and over again. So he feels a part of this record in my brain because I was
so connected to that song.”

And what happened two nights ago? David Byrne joined Rogers on stage
in New York for a duet of Strange Overtones, a song from David Byrne‘s
2008 collaborative album with Brian Eno, named Everything That Happens
Will Happen Today

Fot this special occasion the duo prepared some synchronized
dance steps. Lovely and cool fun it was. Watch the video below
in full and try some steps too.

Dance, dance, dance.

The original version.


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