Newcastle’s Trashers PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS Slash & Crash Again

Standout longplayers

17 February 2023

Newcastle’s fierce trash punks PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS
have their new album, their 5th, baptized Land Of Sleeper out today.
Order info here.

Info: Whether dwelling in the realm of dreams or nightmares, the primordial drive
of the Newcastle-based band is more powerful than ever. Land Of Sleeper, their fourth record in a decade of riot and rancour, is testimony to this: the sound of a band not so much reinvigorated as channeling a furious energy, which only appears to gather momentum as the band’s surroundings spin on their axis.

Matt Baty (loudmouth upfront): “Shouting about themes of existential dread comes very naturally to me, and I think because I’m aware of that in the past I’ve tried to rein that in a little. There’s definitely moments on this album where I took my gloves off and surrendered to that urge.”

Pitchfork: “The UK quintet has a blast playing old-school stoner metal, balancing the riffs
with sharp songwriting and a touch of camp… On Land of Sleeper, Pigs have a smidgen more belief in the power of dynamics. Between all the mayhem, you will also hear subtle pianos, synths, choirs, and sanguine, wide-eyed lyrics about “routine watering and the magic of the sun.” These details play off the finely drawn production that divorces Pigs from the need to faithfully recreate the sound of their raucous live show.”
Full review here.

TUTV: For all headbangers, moshpit fanatics, and wicked pogo jumpers it’s bonkers time again with Pigs(x7). Their slam-dunk bravado and primal scream madness are what you need to go out-of-your-fucking-mind and dislodge your demons. Fun? If you’re hooked on barbed wire bangers, cast iron hammers and shout-out bursts this is your fuel. Yes, lots of cathartic punk salvos for the massive army of confused souls on this screwed-up planet. Pigs rule. Hells bells.

SINGLES: Mr Medicine / Ultimate Hammer




UK TOUR 2023

PIGS (x7): Website – Instagram

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