Waking Up With Legendary Guitarist NILS LOFGREN And CRAZY HORSE

Works faster than caffeine

To be honest, I lost track of how many albums NEIL YOUNG, new and old,
live LPs from his Archives, solo or with CRAZY HORSE released the past
few years.

What I do know is that another one with Crazy Horse is coming up.
It’s named ALL ROADS LEAD HOME and lands on 31 March.

It features the original horses Ralph Molina, Billy Talbot and Nils Lofgren.
Each member wrote three songs with different musicians, except Neil.

It all started as a pandemic project for CH. Young was brought on board
later, his sole writing credit being a live solo version of “Song Of The Seasons”,
from the 2021 Crazy Horse album Barn.

1. “Rain” (Billy Talbot)
2. “You Will Never Know” (Nils Lofgren)
3. “It’s Magical” (Ralph Molina)
4. “Song Of The Seasons” (Neil Young)
5. “Cherish” (Billy Talbot)
6. “Fill My Cup” (Nils Lofgren)
7. “Look Through The Eyes Of Your Heart” (Ralph Molina)
8. “The Hunter” (Billy Talbot)
9. “Go With Me” (Nils Lofgren)
10. “Just For You” (Ralph Molina)

The first taster is a song written and sung by legendary guitarist
who also played for several years with Springsteen’s
E-Street Band
and released multiple solo albums.

Young Nils

YOU WILL NEVER KNOW is an easy-going,
electrical, retro country rocker.



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