Kooky Boston Gang SMITT E. SMITTY & THE FEZZTONES Are Madcap Rebels

13 March 2023

Who: Kooky Boston octet

Yes, that sexy 1974 glam hit of
the late genius David Bowie

Smitty: “I have wanted to cover this David Bowie song for quite some time. Long before he passed away in 2016. We did a version of ‘Panic in Detroit’ for our debut live performance at ONCE in Somerville. We did it again in Detroit at The Detroit All-Star Garage Rock Punk Revue III. The song killed. But I wanted to do a different Bowie song for our performance at the Jamaica Plain Music Festival in 2019. This version of ‘Rebel Rebel’ is ostensibly the version we played live for that event. It came off wonderfully. I knew then and there, I wanted to record it.”

Looks like these madcap rebels have the time of their lives.
As Bowie would say Let’s Dance.

Right here, right now.


SMITT E. SMITTY: Facebook – Instagram

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