Brighton’s LAMBRINI GIRLS With Raise Middle-Finger For All Male Machos With Their New Hammer Blow ‘LADS LADS LADS’

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19 April 2023

(Press photo © Bridie Florence)

Who: Three don’t mess with us
punk feminists from Brighton where you
encounter more bands than normal civilians.

New single: LADS LADS LADS
New hammer blow from their upcoming EP.

“In order to be a lad, make sure to follow the following guidelines: excessive drinking, harassing anyone with a pulse and starting fights. Most importantly, make sure to never talk about your feelings as this simply cannot be associated with manliness. Lad culture is the shit stain on the bathroom floor and toxic masculinity is the toilet paper that refuses to unstick from the shoe of society. Nobody wins.”

TUTV: The sassy spirit of fiery Riot grrls, the primal screams of X-Ray Spex‘s late genial vox Poly Sterene , the unbridled DIY mentality of The Slits. It’s all here to get in the macho faces of all macho males. Lads Lads Lads is a a loud and clear clamorous uppercut. Trash and slash punk turmoil. Holy fucking smoke! I can’t wait to see them this Saturday, from the front row, in my hometown of Ghent (Belgium).

Press play.
Feel the fury.

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