Boston’s Genuine Riff-Rabid Band ANSWERMAN Smells Like Real Rock Spirit

28 April 2023

Who: Firm rock quartet from Boston.


Press info: Across Black Light Poster’s eight seismic and engaging tracks, a range of vibes come together in kaleidoscopic display across a spectrum of garage rock, psych, post-punk and surf-pop. There’s a darkness to the light, and a lightness to the dark, all wound tightly around a pop-song core by the blood, sweat, and beers of band. The album, can be defined as a sort of tapestry of challenges that life springs onto you when you’re most vulnerable – but also the importance of holding it together to make it to the other side.

SamPitino (Vocalist): “Thematically, the album touches on such a wide range of human conditions: Love, loss, lust, depression, anxiety, disappointment, forgiveness. And we all experience these things every day, in real life situations: Our romantic relationships, our friendships, our workplaces, our politics. It’s a whole world. And when you take a step back and start to put things into perspective, you see that there’s so much gray area and nothing is black and white. But the gray area is the part that’s interesting – that’s where you can immerse yourself and create stories that hopefully resonate.

There’s a range of vibes on the album. It’s like riding a clanky box car into a dark fun-house. There are things that make you jump in your seat. Others make you squirm a little. There’s distorted things you can’t quite make out, things that make you LOL. And a sudden touch on the shoulder from an invisible hand. Each time you go through, the ride is slightly different, but it’s always a good time – and you’re glad you went.”

TUTV: Answerman is a mean psych-rock machine who know exactly what cutting riffs, hooks and licks are all about. From the kick-off, with the stunning single Black Heart they unleash their sonic demons. They repeat it with bravado on Prophet, Jenny, Smoof and BKND. The let’s roll forward  motto of 60s legends The Sonics is not far away on these rippers and Sam Pitino heartfelt voice is a perfect match.

But Answerman is not all about high-voltage turmoil. Check psych pop pearl The Trick
and mid-tempo jangler Trampled and you’ll know what I mean. It suits their dark/light, real/fake, past/present/future, hope/fear vision on this record.

The fact that they recorded this album live says a lot about their goal to keep it all
genuine. No whistles and bells for these four sharp-edged hombres out of Boston.

Straightforward and honest rock ‘n roll smells like Answerman spirit.

album here.

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