FELLOW ROBOT Share Epic Funeral March-like Exploit ‘POPPY FIELDS’

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2 May 2023

Band: FELLOW ROBOT (Long Beach, California)

Who: Originally started out as a concept piece in 2016, pulling lyrics from the sci-fi novel The Robot’s Guide To Music written by frontman Anthony Pedroza. They released so far
2 albums – #3 coming up – The Robot’s Guide To Music Vol. 1 (2018) and Vol. 2 (2019).

New single: POPPY FIELDS

Anthony Pedroza (lead singer): “We had a blast recording this song, even though
the lyrics are dark. One of my favorite days was when Alex Navarro (guitar), who was
brand new to Fellow Robot at the time, brought something like 5 snare drums for a
section that we all played together. And yes, the ending is, let’s say, orchestral. But it’s
really fun to play!”.

TUTV: Poppy Fields resonates at times like a progressing funeral rock march.
It’s a 10-minute symphonic wandering through mixed emotions with a canorous
sonority. Wistful trumpets and classical-sounding strings strengthen the dark
timbre of the song and Pefroza‘s vocals are spot-on, both yearning and heartfelt.

The orchestral finale ends an astonishing piece of work. The word epic
was invented to describe exploits like this remarkable one. Don’t miss it.

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