Charismatic Songstress CHARLOTTE CARPENTER Targets The Music Industry With Power-Pop Gem ‘SPINNING PLATES’

New striking strokes

17 May 2023

Photo by Fraser West

Who: Impressive songstress from England.

New piece from her upcoming debut album.
You can buy it via Bandcamp.

Carpenter: “There’s a lot to unpack in this song. From societal pressures on the roles you are meant to fulfill as a woman, alongside the struggle of keeping up a relentless positivity to being a musician – and how impossible it is to ever get the balance between the two. Our anger is justified and our stories worth sharing. ”

The song is born out of being overwhelmed, anxious, and it fights or flight mode, this inner turmoil acted like lighter fluid on the song which Charlotte describes as “Erupting out of nowhere and finished in one day,” with its thundering bluesy edges and burning refrain
“I can’t find a way out, a way out, a way out.”

Artwork single

TUTV: It’s 2023 and still a lot of male machos and sexist pigs operate in the music
industry, and not only there. Horrible. Carpenter seems to try and fight these awful demons with this emotive power-pop stroke gem. Spinning Plates rocks big time.

It’s s an infectious guitar/drum-engerzided stomper with Carpenter‘s room-filling voice standing out upfront. At one point she slows down, only to restart the magnetic groove. Top score!


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