Vivacious Dance Pop Trio MIKE ROGERS Advise Us To ‘LIVE IT OUT LOUD’

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17 May 2023

Who: Amsterdam-based indie dance trio who make bold music to
make big musical gestures without sensationalism, encouraging
listeners to live in the moment.

New single: MIKE ROGERS
New piece from their upcoming LP.

“The song was written during a period where, we felt, far sides of the political spectrum were very present. We wanted to motivate the group known as the silent middle to stand up for their (slightly more nuanced) thoughts/visions/ideas. We also wanted to seek overlap in standing up for your idea and being outgoing whilst losing oneself in the moment. We all have to live out loud more. If you don’t live life fully, you don’t live life at all. You have to live it out loud to make sense of it, because otherwise ‘you’ll never know what it’s all about.’ And if you know what it’s all about, you have to fight for it.”

TUTV: My oh my. We need more sonic uppers like this one in these messed-up
times. Live It Out Loud has that Pet Shop Boys dance-inviting vibe but more energetic
and vivacious. You can pirouette yourself dizzy to it. And it sticks from the kick-off.

When the catching and lyrically stimulating chorus comes on your limbs will
get triggered to get up, stand up and fight for their right to party. Ignore reality
for a while and feel alive and kicking.

Play it OUT LOUD

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