HAVVK – Raging Post-Punk Exorcism With Their Brand New Nightmare Stormer ‘DAYLIGHT ROBBERY’

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25 May 2023

Who: Irish alt-pop-rock act that started as the solo project of singer-musician Julie Hough. They lived for a while in London, then Berlin and are now back in their beloved Dublin. So far they released 2 LPs, Cause & Effect (2019) and Leveling (2021)


A song about the safe spaces we create for ourselves, and the
exhaustion of feeling scrutinised outside of these boundaries.

Julie Hough: “To us, community is so central to self-expression, but we’re living in a reality where communities and culture are becoming out priced and fragmented, and where people’s identities and bodies are becoming more politicised and up for debate. There is something sacred about having four walls or even an online space in which you feel like home – where
you feel like yourself. ‘Daylight Robbery’ is about the stress and anxiety of seeing these spaces invaded, even spaces that you call your own, and even the temptation to retreat into yourself
or to tone yourself down in response.”

TUTV: A lot of angst and frustration erupt from the very first moment that this raging
burst makes your stereo tremble. Daylight Robbery‘s sizzling post-punk exorcism grabs
you by the throat from the get-go and never loses its grip and its thundering velocity.

A sonic army of frenetic guitars, manic drumming, and barbed wire bass lines combine for a rabid rush of blood to the head. Add Hough‘s bone-chilling vocals, and you’ll experience a mind-crushing nightmare in broad daylight. Blimey.

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