One-Woman-Band XUP Drops Vintage 80s Post Punk Jam ‘SUNDAY GIRL’

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5 June 2023

Artist: XUP
Who: The alter ego of Manchester’s songstress Lane who plays a Mustang bass,
drums and sings. She began writing, recording and performing as XUP in 2008,
releasing seven albums while based in London and Manchester. Check out her
Bandcamp account.

New single: SUNDAY GIRL

Lane: “Sunday Girl is a post-punk pop song about the wash, rinse, repeat cycle of sitting
at a bar procrastinating to avoid having to finish an album! No bartenders were harmed
in the making of this! We just shared ice cream and listened to shoegaze!”

TUTV: This could easily be a previously unreleased Siouxsie and The Banshees track from
one of their early 80s albums, remixed by Killing Joke‘s Jaz Coleman. The ongoing uncanny vocals, the menacing bass droning, and the monotone drum beat combine for that vintage sonic post-punk shadiness of the 80s. The Sunday girl creeps in your head slowly but surely, and once she’s there I can’t promise you that you’ll be safe. Intoxicating jam.



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