BE YOUR OWN PET – Nashville’s Garage Punk Rockers Unleash New Projectile ‘BIG TROUBLE’

Daily noise that works faster and harder than any stimulant

28 July 2023

Single artwork

Nashville‘s inflammable garage rockers BE YOUR OWN PET had some bonkers
fun between 2004-2008, vanished into oblivion afterward, but last year they couldn’t
stop themselves from coming back and starting to play an endless series of gigs.

And now it’s new music time. The revitalized bloodhounds have a new
LP, titled MOMMY ready for a 25 August release. Pre-order info here.

Album artwork

With BIG TROUBLE they just dropped the 4th single off the longplayer.

Jemina Pearl: “I want wages for housework! I want childcare for free! I want on-demand abortions! Full body autonomy! I live in a country that has taken away the basic human right to an abortion and then has the audacity to ask ‘Why are you so angry?’ ‘Big Trouble’ is about how the daily injustices are all connected to the overarching societal issues of living in a patriarchy.”

It’s pure BYOP. A blustery pop-punk projectile to hit moronic,
conservative politicians with, in the Divide States Of America.

Get them.

All 4 singles.

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