SEADOG – Brighton’s Dream-Pop Duo With Bittersweet Post-Insomnia Reflection ‘DEADWEIGHTS’

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24 August 2023

Who: Dream-pop duo
from Brighton; UK.


About: The song’s theme encapsulates a sense of relentless heaviness that
the burden of insomnia can inflict on a mind that refuses to shut down. Having
suffered from insomnia for many years, vocalist Mark wanted to express the type
of feeling the body can experience when you’re emotionally and physically exhausted
from sleep deprivation, and it can feel like you’re stuck in a rut that’s hard to climb
out of.

Artwork single

The song features the vocal harmonies of Jack and Lily Wolter,
both from the band Penelope Isles, while Jack also drums
on it.

This new piece will feature on the new, forthcoming album,
named Internal Noise, out in the autumn via Austerity Records.

TUTV: Unfortunately, I can relate to the topic of this reflective song.
Years ago I suffered from insomnia myself. It was horrible. Your body
gets run-down to the level of severe depletion while your bloody mind
doesn’t stop fucking around. You become a zombie.

Singer-songwriter Mark Benton encapsulate his psychologically and physically
crushing insomnia experiences in a bittersweet and melancholic pop tune that
babbles like a sparkling brook, yet underlying this humdinger resonates like if
the after-effects of the sleepless years are still wandering around. In the end
here’s proof again that music can be healing. Beautiful.



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