Soulful Sunday With The 151st (Yes, 151) WILLIE NELSON Longplayer ‘BLUEGRASS’

Lazy music for the laziest day of the week

17 September 2023

The Texan country icon WILLIE NELSON
celebrated his 90th birthday last April.

And last Friday, the imperishable songsmith star released his 151st LP, yes 151.
I guess this must be a Guinness World Record (note to myself: look it up). His very
first LP, titled …And Then I Wrote appeared in 1962. That means that, the new one included, Nelson released 2,5 albums a year in his career. One wonders how he still
had the time to love so many girls.

Anyway. The new LP is titled BLUEGRASS. It features
12 bluegrass interpretations of 12 of his own classics.

It’s Sunday, the day my ears want to recover from the noise
they had to endure all week long. Enter Willie Nelson.

Time to relax.

WILLIE NELSON: Discography – Website

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