TOY CAR – Up And Fast Coming Liverpool Mavericks Comment On Modern Life In The UK With Jackhammer ‘RAT RACE’

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28 September 2023

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Who: Fervent post-punk
team from Liverpool.

Their 7-track EP named Love Those Left Behind
came out last year. Stream it here

New single: RAT RACE

“A phrase I had when writing this track was ‘to be a perfect citizen’. It has themes of the system and society as a whole but doesn’t exactly blame anyone, only observing modern life. The structure of the track is very simple, having all the meat (language) in the verses and releasing the tension in the instrumental parts with a breakdown towards the end. I felt by doing this added some sort of town crier effect , this was further reinforced by the harmonics during the instrumental parts.”

TUTV: These ambitious up-and-fast-coming Liverpool mavericks jump on the fence
to share their sharp-cutting views on the post-Brex-shit debacle. They do it with chainsaw guitars, battering drums, muscular bass, fulminating vocals and a serrated edged chorus.

The final result is a loud and clear jackhammer that makes the Sex Pistols
cry out ‘No future in England’s dreaming’, unfortunately, relevant again.


TOY CAR: Facebook – Instagram
TUTV: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

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