Classic Clips – ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN On Top Of The Pops With ‘NEVER STOP’ 40 Years Ago

28 September 2023

Long-time Liverpool champs ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN released a stunning
stand-alone single NEVER STOP 40 years ago (July 1983) and played it a couple
of weeks later on the legendary British music show Top Of The Pops.

Later it was included on the 2003 remastered version of their third LP Porcupine,
released in February of the same year, as well as a number of compilation albums.

Charismatic frontman and big mouth Ian McCulloch looks bored at the beginning, obviously hating playback TV performances (as so many artists do), so he starts playing
a bit with his shirt and then suddenly gets fired up in the end. Anyway Never Stop is one
of the countless top E&TB juggernauts by one of my all-time fav bands. It peaked at #15.

Measure by measure, drop by drop
And pound for pound, we’re taking stock
Of all the treasure still unlocked
The love you found must never stop

The king is dead
And long live the people who aim above

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