DUBINSKI – Scottish Brothers Send A Warning With Their Doom And Gloom Earworm ‘DOWNTOWN OPERATION’

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12 October 2023

Who: Four brothers who’ve literally been through everything together – from
childhood through adolescence, success and grief – using music as the gel to
hold them in place. Brought up in rural Scotland but with deep roots in North
, their songs could only come from a place of complete trust, shared
adventure, and total abandon.

And the musical result of this familial experience: it’s rock meets pop, delivered in a manner that’s uniquely theirs – high energy bangers interspersed with introspective repose, all delivered with electronic production in an organic setting. Dubinski are making 21st-century anthems, and it’s time for the world to listen. They released their self-titled debut album in 2021. Stream it here.

The first piece from the forthcoming 2nd album.

Dubinski: “Downtown Operation is a song of despair and forewarning, a declaration
of resignation by the disenfranchised who trade childhood hopes and dreams for fear, resignation and social despair. At its most egregious, it is a story of racial profiling and
police brutality, but it ultimately raises larger questions by decrying the willful blindness
of our political leaders who perpetuate a system that fuels the desperate acts of our
society’s lost souls.”

TUTV: It took only one spin to know that Downtown Operation is a pure pop pearl.
Its whirling groove, its ebullient beat, its glistering synth flashes, its vivacious harmonies and last but not least its tremendously infectious chorus combine for a top-notch earworm. Think Everything Everything and/or Hot Chip turning up the heat.

Lyrically, it’s a wholly different affair. It’s about the doom and gloom era we’re living
in with 2023 looking to be one of the worst years in recent history with two worldwide-impacting wars. The society-devastating agenda of power-greedy politicians will one day lead to Dante’s Inferno becoming real. Horrible thought. But Downtown Operation will be the perfect anthem to dance your socks off one more time before the curtain falls.

Listen up, world.

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