Happy 75 To STATUS QUO’s Blond Rock God RICK PARFITT

12 October 2023

(photo by Turn Up The Volume, Ostend Belgium 2015)

RICHARD JOHN PARFITT was born on 12 October 1948
in Woking, England. He would have celebrated his
75th birthday today.

He was the blond God riff-king and 24/7 party animal
of legendary 12-bar boogie rockers STATUS QUO.

I saw the Quo countless times live. Am I serious? Absolutely
It was always no-nonsense, sweaty-head-banging entertainment.
And I liked-liked-liked-it. Rockin’ all over the world. Fun, fun, fun.

Unfortunately, Parfitt passed away on
22 December 2016 due to blood poisoning.

Keep on rockin’ in heaven, Rick.

Rick Parfitt: Story

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